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MMT-002 M&M Silk Heart Tie 13.95

This is a full color 100% SILK Made In USA Ralph Marlin M&M tie NEW WITH TAGS. Just in time for valentine days, M&M candies from a colorful hearts on this SILK tie. Simple yet VERY EFFECTIVE against this all black background. Brightens up any outfit. Buy two, one fo the collection and one to wear.

MMT-001 Colorful M&M SILK Tie Multi-Character 13.95 - OUT OF STOCK (Sorry)

MMT-002 M&M Silk Heart Tie 13.95

MMT-003 M&M Silk "M" Tie 13.95

MMT-004 M&M Computer Tie 12.95

 MMT-005 M&M Silk Characters in Squares 13.95  OUT OF STOCK!

 MMT-006 M&M Silk Lawyer Tie OUT OF STOCK

MMT-007 M&M Silk FireFighter Tie 13.95

MMT-007 M&M Christmas Cookie Men's Tie $12.95 - OUT OF STOCK (Sorry)